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  • Ok

    I am sick and tired of seeing all the negative reviews for this CD. However, what pisses me off the most is that most of the reviewers that are bashing this CD have no legitimate basis of their arguments (with the exception of some). Most of the reviewers bash the fact that Story of the Year have recieved attention from MTV, and that most of their songs sound like radio singles. For this reason, these people want to give this band 0 stars if they could.

    My answer as a 22 year old male who has been through the “hate everything” phase is “so what?” So what if a band is on MTV? So what if they are popular? Do you like them or not? Do you like the way the music sounds or not? Do you like the lyrics or not? Do you think the songs have meaning to you or not? THINK FOR YOURSELVES. There is bitter irony in this situation, and the irony is, is that people who are so “elite” that they immediately disown a band that has been on MTV, or is popular are the same people who claim they fight for originality and independence and individualism. Too bad all they are doing is CONFORMING to NON-CONFORMITY. That’s right, by disowning a band PURELY for the fact it’s on MTV or is popular, you are ironically surrendering your own individuality by buying into the nonconformist anti-MTV mantra. You think you’re being original and elite when in reality you’re conforming yourself.

    A TRUE non-conformist thinks for himself, wears what he wants, listens to what he wants, and if it’s MTV then it doesn’t matter. Hell, if it’s Abercrombie and Fitch or American Eagle it doesn’t matter. The question isn’t “what can I go against to look like I’m original” The question is “What do I personally feel about something, and is it what I like.”

    In conclusion: people say “stop buying into MTV and think for yourself. Hate story of the year b/c they’re on MTV and MTV is bad and conformist” but here’s what I say “stop buying into the Anti-MTV pseudo-elitist attitude and be true to yourself” It’s as simple as that.

    As for the CD:

    Story of the Year have a good sound. I especially like Dan Marsalas vocals because he does a good job singing, and the songs are blended really well. Background vocals of this band are also key. I really like them. The harmonies are on point and aren’t just thrown around. As for the lyrics, they’re not incredibly interesting but they are heartfelt. Story of the Year write their own songs (contrary to what some reviewers have said) Just look at their site and their interviews. They may not be the absolute greatest band out there and they may not be the first of their kind, but that’s what a genre is right? They’ve also gone through the stage where they tried to please others on their previous album by playing what they think others liked to hear. This album is different, though, because they are playing what they love to play. They are themselves on this album, and that’s what I admire. Bottom line, don’t listen to any of these bad reviews, and don’t listen to the good ones. Just write them off (even this one) Take a listen to the mp3s at the bottom of the page and see for yourself. Do you like what you hear? good. Do you not like it? good. That’s true individualism. It doesn’t matter if millions of people swallow their music, what matters is what you think of it with no one else’s opinion. End of story. I give them 4 stars.

    Posted on February 3, 2010