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Page Avenue

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  • This CD is emo/screamo at its finest. I am trying to explain why this band is so good, but there are so many reasons running through my head that it is hard to make it into a well organized review.First off, the layered guitars, drums, and other instruments/computer generated sounds are just sick. Most of the time when you listen to a CD, you think about things you would change about the song. That doesn’t happen here…you just sit back and listen, while being amazed at how well all the sounds flow together. Not to mention that each song has multiple catchy riffs that don’t just repeat over and over again. This CD is instrumentally one of my favorites of all time.Then there are the lyrics and vocals. Someone else mentioned this in their review, but I feel it is important enough to reiterate…the screaming actually adds to the music. Too many screamo bands yell and scream as if they are running down a checklist and see that screaming is required to be an emo band. Then, the lyrics have a much more mature attitude then most screamo bands. I guess if you are a 13 year old, this is a bad thing, but to me it seperates them from the pack. There was only one review I read that was negative, and he ripped on the lyrics citing “From here the city lights burn, like a thousand miles of fire.” To me the line just by itself is good, but it needs to be heard with the rest of the song. When I hear that song, I picture him standing on top of a mountain overlooking a city. Anytime a song can give you a mental picture like that, the lyrics are doing something right. Just like all the instruments flow together perfectly, so do the lyrics from verse to chorus. You will understand when you hear them.Summary – this CD is amazing and is worth buying even if you aren’t into the screamo sound. I write music, and think I am pretty good at it, but then I hear Page Avenue and it humbles me. Start to finish…vocals, instruments, and producing…just an awesome record. Way to raise the bar guys.

    Posted on February 3, 2010