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Page Avenue

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  • 1 …And The Hero Will Drown (5/5) metal verses and great chorus2 Until The Day I Die 5/5 Good song on first 1,000 listens.kinda getting sick of it now but still good.3 Anthem Of Our Dying Day 10/5 My favorite song still good after a million listens.4 In The Shadows 10/5 Great really hard song. My other favorite.Best chorus on the cd.5 Dive Right In 5/5 I love this song. It is unbelievable.6 Swallow The Knife 4/5 Slow but dark. 7 Burning Years 5/5 Another fairly hard song. Chorus is a little cliche but the song is still nasty.8 Page Avenue 3/5 I don’t know…It’s ok.9 Sidewalks 3/5 Soft..Sounds like a slower Yellowcard song.10 Divide And Conquer 4/5 Hard, weird pace but I like it a lot.11 Razorblades 5/5 Nice song.12 Falling Down 5/5 Third best song on the cd. Fast pace. Great guitar work on the bridge. It’s cool to hear a little H2O, Goldfinger, and Youth Of Today on the cd. Great conclusion to a nasty cd.__Great cd, good producing by John Feldman…I wish they re-recorded and added “light years away” to this cd. dl it it’s a great song. Buy this cd.

    Posted on February 3, 2010