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Pale Folklore

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  • Dark melancholic metal music with melody and a good production. The lyrics are very poetic and dark, and deals with lonliness, suicide and love. Very well written. The vocals are kind of harsh black metal like, but are whispered at the same time and sometimes you can hear a beautiful female voice which fits in perfectly with the atmosphere…It starts off with “She Painted Fire Across The Skyline”, an almost 19 minute long song which is just brilliant, the best song on the album. The following track “The Misshapen Steed” is a beutiful piece of music which just gives me shivers up my back everytime I listen to it..All the remaining songs are amazing also (especially “As Embers Dress The Sky” and “The Melancholy Spirit”). Not one bad song on this album. So if you like this kind of dark depressive metal you should try this out. Even if you do not like this kind of music I think you should give this album a shot. These guys deserve all fame they can get and besides that: What more can you ask from an album that this album does not offer?

    Posted on January 21, 2010