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Pale Folklore

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  • AGALLOCH – Pale Folklore
    It seldom in modern metal that a band’s debut is this cohesive… Everything on this Album is so well written and carefully calculated. From the opener, `She Painted Fire Across the Skyline’ (Which is broken into 3 tracks.) any doubts one might have are easily washed away by Lush soundscapes of Folk, Prog, and Black Metal. Within Part I of the song you hear haunting female operatic vocals, (mixed with the vocalist black-metal whispers) Timpani drums, the blowing of the wind, and a variety of other unique sounds. Agalloch seem to be able to create an `aura’ which seems almost unrivalled in today’s Metal Scene. – Now, I’ve read some Opeth comparisons… I don’t really think they sound a lot alike (maybe some hints of the Orchid or Morningrise days) but I can agree with the fact they are both Artists in their crafts… Each band has clearly outlined an artistic vision and carved their own niche in Metal, not just rehashed another bands sound.
    Truth is I’ve only listened to this album 3 times since I got it yesterday… and I know I’ve only just heard begun to scratch the surface. Even after only 3 spins I’m confident enough to give this album 5 Stars. This is best listened from start to finish… I love when a band makes an `Album’ not just a bunch `songs’ thrown randomly together. Honestly I’m dumbfounded that I’m just hearing about these guys now… I also have `The Mantle’ but I figure I’ll give this one a few mores spins before I take on that Journey.
    Honestly this band could appeal to anyone who likes Opeth, Amorphis, or any other band that has incorporated Folk and Progression into Metal. Or just about anyone who appreciates true Artistic talent. In fact, I thinks fans of bands like Pelican, Isis or Neurosis would probably enjoy them for their atmospheric elements alone. (though sounding completely different) Shockingly these guys are also American (Portland OR.) Which just goes to show not everyone there is humping the mainstream MTV band wagon.
    Forget listening to the samples… Just buy this album, press play and sit back and transcend into an musical journey.
    Favorite Tracks: She Painted Fire Across the Skyline, (Parts 1, 2 and 3.) and As Embers Dress the Sky.
    -5 Stars

    Posted on January 21, 2010