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  • This joint is a live documentation (both audio and video) of metallic-hardcore pioneers Integrity (with the original lineup) from their infamous 1992 show at Peabody’s (Clevo) where, allegedly, a dude got stabbed, and, allegedly, Dwid (Integrity vocalist) shot someone. Haha, to me, that’s reason enough for owning it!

    The tracklist is as follows:

    Those Who Fear Tomorrow (Micha)
    Judgement Day
    Harder They Fall
    Wings Tear
    Dawn of a New Apocalypse
    In Contrast of Sin
    Die Hard
    Lundgren Crucifixion
    Live it Down

    The audio is surprisingly clean with minor noise, which is rare for a live record, especially one this old. The quality of video is probably what you’d expect to come from 1992; grainy, limited color, shaky, etc… yet it’s not entirely unwatchable. The lack of a professional production adds to the rawness of the show/era making it even more enjoyable to watch. Plus, it was shot from 2 cameras, so you get to see just about everything that happened at the show, including Dwid(?) firing a gun in the streets. Between songs, there’s all sorts of enjoyable Dwid-talk, so expect to get a few laughs too.

    Definitely essential material for any dedicated fan of hardcore!

    Posted on March 3, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now