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  • It seems rather evident to me that Ronnie Montrose was not too interested in repeating the rock classic of a year previous. He’d done it, and now he seemed to have the elbow room to pursue other textures (plainly even by adding keyboards to the line-up.) As imperfect as it is, the album in some sense is more rewarding than the first. Listen to the reworking of “Connection” by Jagger and Richard. Sung much more beautifully, the acoustics heartrending. “Spaceage Sacrifice” is “Space Station # 5″ turned inward. More moody, atmospheric…even troubled. Then for sheer straight ahead Ronnie, you’ve got “I Got the Fire”. It may require more patient listening than the first, but I believe you’ll be amply rewarded. Kudos to Montrose for not repeating the formula, and branching out onto some new aural scapes in the sophomore effort.

    Posted on December 17, 2009