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Paper Money

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  • I don’t think this album is better than Montrose’s 1973 debut, so don’t be mislead by the title of this review. I bought Paper Money on vinyl the day it hit the stores in ‘74 and remember my disappointment. The first album was a heavy metal freight train from the first song to the last – Paper Money did not pick up where the first album left off. Over the past twenty-seven years Paper Money was seldom removed from the old peach crate.However, over that same period of time I became a huge Ronnie Montrose fan collecting the CD’s of everything he did from the early Montrose days to his most recent instrumental “guitar music.” Recently examining a Ronnie Montrose discography, I realized I never bought Paper Money on CD. I bought it, and after all these years listened to it again. Even though I am no longer influenced by the anticipation of waiting for the second Montrose album, not to mention a more mature listener of music, I must say I still felt something was wrong with this album. I soon found the answer I was looking for, with a little help from what is called the Program Function, available on most CD players.What a differce it makes when you listen to this album in a different order. If I had the chance, I’d ask guitarist Ronnie Montrose and lead singer Sammy Hagar why “Underground” written by Rappaport, and “Connection”, written by Jagger and Richards, were choosen as the first two tracks. They are both good songs, but all the momentum built up by the first album came to as screaching halt. Here is a suggestion, start off with track 8, the title track, a song actually written by Montrose and Hagar, but more importantly a song that gradually introduces the listener to a band that is evolving. Experiment from here, I like this order: 8,7,3,5,1,2,6,4. Come to think about it, I do think this album is better than the first.

    Posted on December 18, 2009