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Paradise Lost

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  • The biggest difference in the Symphony X sound is that on “Paradise Lost” they have gone straight Progressive Power Metal and have dumped the Neo-Classical side of their sound for a more in-your-face Metal approach. However, they do incorporate symphonic arrangements and choirs in an exemplary, bombastic production sound. From the Progressive Metal “Domination”, the driving “Serpent’s Kiss”, or the absolutely gorgeous title track with its glorious chorus, there is something for everyone who wants something different from Symphony X. Those wanting more of the Neo-Classical sound Symphony X actually helped create may be disappointed. From what I can hear, having painted themselves into a corner with “The Odyssey”, a change in direction was necessary for the band to remain vital. “Paradise Lost” has the most creative guitar work I’ve heard so far; while some of their albums contain flashier guitar shredding, no other has this much variation in texture and style. I’ve rated many of their past albums highly, but “Paradise Lost” is certainly the most interesting and creative excursion in their already impressive catalog.

    Posted on December 22, 2009