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  • Fans will debate my title for ages. But, their is no doubt that Black Sabbath is certainly one of the most influential & yet oddly underappreciated bands of the twentieth century. I’ll focus only on the half of the album I prefer. “Planet Caravan is an often underappreciated soft tune that lingers in your mind. Tony Iommi & Geezer hit it right with “Iron Man.” The formers riffs were unique when this album came out in 1970 & they still are. Geezer drums in time with Ozzy’s Monotone delivery. Many say this song gets overplayed. But, why? Someone must be requesting it as they do LED Zeppelin’s “Kashmir.” In “Hand Of Doom,” the thumping drums & Tony’s piercing riffs give it true juice. “Rat Salad,” is unlike any instrumental I have ever heard. It holds the mystery around the band well. “Electric Funeral.” is a unique twist for a protest song against nuclear war. It may be the best track on the album? “Paranoid,” their most popular & bizarre of songs even though it makes little sense.

    Posted on January 1, 2010