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  • Pathosray’s first album is quite a statement for the band. Not many debuts are as tight and strong as this. Pathosray’s structure sound is a throw back to the 80’s Metal style to me. There are no growling vocals or thrashing guitars. Amongst this structure is skillfully threaded melodies, keyboards and guitar solos which makes the album nicely Progressive. I enjoyed the varying vocal styles, many times changing throughout one song. There are just excellent stand out tracks on this album like Scent of Snow, Sorrow Never Dies and the last track Emerald City. No one musician dominates on this album. All seem to come in and out with smooth transitions and compliment one another very well. The skill of making seamless transitions within the songs I feel is a strong point for the album. The songs flow without a sense of break neck 180’s, radical speed shifts, or improv. Another strong point of the album are the melodic lyrics and hooks in some of the songs. One track on this album is 1:39 and it is great, I can’t believe the band didn’t expand this into a full length song. If the keyboardist put out a solo album of acoustic piano as beautiful as the intro on this album I’d be first in line to snap one up. I think if radio was open minded enough to give Pathosray’s stronger tracks some air play this album could be a commercial success. I know “commercial” is a bad word to some but this album is that good. Getting off the starting line like this I hope we continue to see a lot of good things from Pathosray.

    Posted on January 16, 2010