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  • I would be doing this band and this album a great diservice by not giving it a review. This is afterall my 2nd favorite album of 2007 (You can read my best of 2007 list on Amazon) ranking only below Symphony X’s legendary new album ‘Paradise Lost’.

    Pathosray are from Italy and play prog metal in a very heavy sense. The songs sound hungry and energenic like the band is out to prove something. Like the new Symphony X this is a very heavy and intense record for the prog genre which sets it apart from the others. Sure Dream Theater elements can eaisily be heard in the music but it’s mixed with elements of heavier bands like Nevermore and Tad Morose. I swear I even hear an old Metallica touch in some of the riffs! You can even hear some 70’s elements underlying in the music’s atmosphere mainly from the cool keyboard work, and when mixed with the crushing in your face guitars this sounds really cool and original!

    The musicians are all top notch of course and the songs are all excellent. The singer is very versitile and can sing very aggressively or clear and soaring depending on the music. There are even a few growls on the track ‘Sad Game’.

    Another great thing about this album is the sound! Very authentic production with a live and genuine feel. The sound kinda reminds me of the latest from Iron Maiden ‘A Matter of Life and Death’ only a lot heavier with the guitars a lot higher in the mix. But definately not your typical digital sound and click track timing.

    I am anxiously awaiting the next output from this killer band! I sincerely hope they don’t get pigonholed by the media as a prog band and subsequently try to tone down there sound to fit in. The aggressive style in which this band plays is what makes this album stand out and frankly makes it better.

    Posted on January 16, 2010