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Perfect Symmetry

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  • Let me start out by saying I am a huge Fates Warning fan and think this is one of their best albums. I think the album was originally mastered superbly so the reason for purchasing this was not for the re-mastered main disc, but because of the extras. In this case, the demos are much higher quality recordings than the demos on the previous re-releases. They are also a lot more enlightening because this was a real transition album for the band and the demos really show the band still searching for an updated sound. Their new sound really gelled on the final recording but was still falling into place on these demos. The songs are a lot less developed than on the actual album and especially the demos of the songs with Steve Zimmerman on drums they still sound like “old” Fates Warning. The demos on the previous re-releases were interesting to listen to, but not something I cared to listen to more than once or twice because of the sound quality. So in this regard, this is the best re-release so far in my opinion. I have not watched the DVD yet but did watch the trailer and based on what they showed there, it looks pretty much like bootlegs with rare glimpses at Ray doing some John Arch songs, but overall bootleg-quality audio.

    For the price, this is a bargain for 2 CDs and a DVD and the demos CD is worth the price alone.

    Posted on January 7, 2010