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Perfect Timing

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  • THE BAND: Michael Schenker (guitars), Robin McAuley (vocals), Steve Mann (keyboards/guitars), Rocky Newton (bass), Bodo Schopf (drums & percussion).

    THE DISC: (1987) 10 tracks clocking in at approximately 43 minutes. Included with the disc is a 6-page booklet containing song titles/credits, song lyrics, one black & white band photo, and thank you’s. 7 of the 10 songs written by McAuley & Schenker (the others written by a combination of band members). Recorded at PUK Studios, Denmark. Re-mastered and re-released several times with bonus tracks and/or edits – now an import. Label – Capital Records.

    COMMENTS: Michael Schenker has a long list of albums/discs he’s made over the decades, but he only made three with singer Robin McAuley. “Perfect Timing”, “Save Yourself” (1989) and another titled “MSG” (1991)… of which I truly believe this “Perfect Timing” is the best of the three. “PT” is slick, polished hair/glam rock that leaned more to the commercial side of hard rock. Schenker and his trademark black & white Gibson Flying-V guitar is in top form – as ALL the songs here are solid. Highlights include the two hits “Love Is Not A Game” (perhaps Schenker’s best tune with McAuley on vocals) and “Gimme Your Love”; the rockers “Here Today – Gone Tomorrow”, “I Don’t Wanna Lose”, and “No Time For Losers”; and two typical 80’s style power ballads in “Follow The Night” and “Time”. I wore this vinyl record out back in the late 80’s… and I still find myself going back to the “Perfect Timing” disc frequently. I dig the cover too – so 80’s with the hair and outfits, it’s not even funny. For me, this is/was a special album (5 stars).

    Posted on February 18, 2010