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Perfect Timing

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  • This is Schenker’s first outing with Robin McAuley who somehow managed to get billed as the “M” is MSG. This album is worth the price just for the photo of the band in the jacket. Ah, the days of the big hair, studded leather and flying V guitars!This was Michael Schenkers assault on the Pop metal scene with “Gimme your Love” which rivals Dokken and Winger for pop hooks. Robin McAuley was a great choice to try and push them over the top . His raspy David Coverdale immitaion isn’t to bad and his songwriting is prime for the period. It’s not surprising that this version of MSG didn’t last, however, as Mitch Perry, the other guitar guy, had chops that rivaled Schenker’s and therefore, not unlike the redshirted crewman in Star Trek, had to go.There are some high quality tracks here, like “Love is not a game” and “Rock ’til you’re crazy”. The bonus tracks are nice for completists, as well.If your need your 80’s metal and are sick of “Living after Midnight” and “Rock you Like a Hurricane”, this album will give you your fix.

    Posted on February 19, 2010