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Perfect Timing

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  • With the release of Perfect Timing Michael Schenker teamed up with Robin McAuley and put out a very good album with great songs, great playing and strong vocals. In all honesty McAuley was the best vocalist Schenker had worked since Phil Mogg in UFO. Gary Barden simply was too limited with his vocals and Graham Bonnett(while I personally like him) also is fairly limited. McAuley can handle anything from full out rockers too ballads. Schenker’s playing is, as usual, great. I love how his playing can be so complex at times but still fit within the structure of the songs and his sense of melody is always strong.

    Song Highlights include: Gimme Your Love, Here Today Gone Tomorrow, Love Is Not A Game, I Don’t Wanna Lose and Rock Till You’re Crazy.

    Overall, this is a great, fun album. I don’t understand people complaining about this being “hair metal”. It’s not like UFO or earlier MSG albums/music is thrash or hardcore metal. Schenker’s music has always been powerful, but melodic. Perfect Timing provides all of that.

    Posted on February 19, 2010