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Performance: Rockin' the Fillmore

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No Description AvailableNo Track Information AvailableMedia Type: CDArtist: HUMBLE PIETitle: ROCKIN’ THE FILMOREStreet Release Date: 11/15/1988<Domestic or Import: DomesticGenre: ROCK/POP

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  • If you only have one Humble Pie album, make sure it’s this one! If you only have room for two Pie albums, get this one and Rock On. Live at the Whiskey gets third, primarily on the strength of their amazing “For Your Love” cover. On the Fillmore East, Marriott sometimes sounds like he swallowed the harmonica, and Frampton does things to his guitar that are illegal in most states! Definitely one of the top-10 live rock albums of all time, this is a great introduction to a band that could’ve, and should’ve, been much bigger than the way things worked out. 23 min. of Gilded Splinters alone is worth the price! If you like Zepp, if you like Floyd, Tull or the Allmans, give this a spin — you won’t be sorry!

    Posted on February 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I was fortunate to see the Pie in concert approximately 7 or 8 times between 1970 and 1973. The first time was as the back-up band to Grand Funk at Madison Square Garden in 1970. The absolute frenetic energy this band would expend during a show could send a rocketship to Mars!! “Rockin’ The Fillmore” captures this energy at the band’s peak. Their traditional opener “4 Day Creep” gets things up to top speed right out of the gate. Marriott’s gospel-like vocal intro to “I’m Ready” is classic Steve and when Shirley’s drums kick it all in, it smokes! As an old rock & roll boomer I still love the extended jams and “Gilded Splinters” is to me one of the all-time classics. Great interplay between Pete and Steve on guitar. Overall, however, Frampton’s play on his Les Paul steals the show. Man could that kid play at 17 years old! I must admit, “Rolling Stone” absolutely sucks! Check it out on their disc “Rock On” for a great version where they do the tune some justice. Marriott’s vocal rambling on this tune is just too much even for this hard-core Pie fan. Of course their show closer, “I Don’t Need No Doctor” is trademark Humble Pie. The song is their true essence.I would love to see this concert on video. What a treat it would be to watch Marriott and Frampton jamming together once again. For a short time this band was truly magical!

    Posted on February 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • “Are you ready? Even you people behind the glass pane at the back of the hall! Are you ready?”

    Early today I wrote a review about the Stones Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out and mentioned this Humble Pie set. Later today my neighbor was annoying me with what must be 50′ subwoofers playing Earth Wind and Fire “Bah-de-ah Bah-de-ah-de-ah-da”. I got in the car to escape that sugary racket. I drove over to the Fry’s electronics mega-store in Tempe AZ and picked this sucker up. It is blazin’ away as I type this. I’ll bet I haven’t heard this in 30 years. It is SSSSSSSSSMOKIN’!!!

    I’m betting that when Steve Marriott was a kid his mother fed him large doses of Ritalin each day to keep him from burning the house down (no disrespect intended, Marriott actually died when his house burned down). There’s enough energy here to shut down the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant, plug in and power the entire valley (Phoenix metropolis) with this live session of Pie!

    When a 17 year old boy listens to this recording (I’m being autobiographical here folks), he just doesn’t have a real appreciation for what a consumate entertainer Steve Marriott really was. What a shame he’s gone. I’m listening to this with a more mature set of ears tonight and it really is superb. Marriott and the audience are having a heck of a great time together. He’s like a guitar-totin’ blues-powered Evangelist calling the audience out to convert! They’re all out there singing “I’m a Rollin’ Stone” along with Marriott. Now I can see why Mick Jagger said “absolutely no Marriott!” to Keith Richards when Marriott auditioned to take Mick Taylor’s place in the Rolling Stones. This CD really makes me wish I could go back in a time machine and witness this performance because a CD or an LP or a cassette tape really can’t capture this kind of excitement and energy. I believe Frampton should push A&M to remaster this classic and release an anniversary edition sometime soon. Until then, we’ll just have to make do with this AAD remaster. It’s ok sound-wise and don’t let the short track list fool you, there is almost a 73 minute helping of pure Pie goodness here. What are you waiting for? Click your cart button already!

    …And I am definitely ordering the Humble Pie King Biscuit Concert where The Pie sounds as good or even better (if that’s really possible)!

    Now, where was I? Oh yeah,
    A-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaaaah! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT?!!!!”

    Posted on January 31, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Humble Pie was an underrated band and this Live Album is one of the best live albums of the 70s if not ever. This is a must have for any serious 70s hard rock fan. Its worth twice the price alone just to have I don’t need No Doctor Live. Steve Marriot was a hell of a good Rock and Blues Singer, Peter Frampton added so much to the vocal Harmonies and with his Guitar. The whole band is fantastic. Get this CD you won’t be sorry.

    Posted on January 31, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • If you ever really liked hard rock, I mean REALLY LIKED it, you have to get this LP.
    Twin guitars, pounding bass, thundering drums, great, up-tempo songs, fantastic singing and showmanship….yep. I like all that, too.

    A couple of the songs filled up a whole side on the double LP this originally resided on. “Rolling Stone” is not the Bob Dylan song, but a rambling, story telling epic about a boy, his girlfriend, and her young at heart mother. The last 3 minutes, however, explode into a hell-for-leather speeded up adrenaline rush of musical intensity. I would listen to the first 13 minutes or so, just anticipating the take-off. Not playing air-guitar on the last part is impossible.

    “Hallelujah I Love Her So” is a great cover, all the band members sing verses on it. “I Don’t Need No Doctor” is the gem on this album, however. Great riff, great finish.

    Steve Mariott was one of the greatest natural showmen in Rock history. I saw the band, minus Peter Frampton plus Clem Clempson, in Little Rock in the 70’s. Steve had completely taken over front-man duites. He never spoke a word, he sang everything to us instead. Played the poo out of that guitar as well.

    A great live band at the top of their powers. Get it.

    Posted on January 31, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now