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Performance: Rockin' the Fillmore

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  • If you ever really liked hard rock, I mean REALLY LIKED it, you have to get this LP.
    Twin guitars, pounding bass, thundering drums, great, up-tempo songs, fantastic singing and showmanship….yep. I like all that, too.

    A couple of the songs filled up a whole side on the double LP this originally resided on. “Rolling Stone” is not the Bob Dylan song, but a rambling, story telling epic about a boy, his girlfriend, and her young at heart mother. The last 3 minutes, however, explode into a hell-for-leather speeded up adrenaline rush of musical intensity. I would listen to the first 13 minutes or so, just anticipating the take-off. Not playing air-guitar on the last part is impossible.

    “Hallelujah I Love Her So” is a great cover, all the band members sing verses on it. “I Don’t Need No Doctor” is the gem on this album, however. Great riff, great finish.

    Steve Mariott was one of the greatest natural showmen in Rock history. I saw the band, minus Peter Frampton plus Clem Clempson, in Little Rock in the 70’s. Steve had completely taken over front-man duites. He never spoke a word, he sang everything to us instead. Played the poo out of that guitar as well.

    A great live band at the top of their powers. Get it.

    Posted on January 31, 2010