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Performance: Rockin' the Fillmore

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  • If you only have one Humble Pie album, make sure it’s this one! If you only have room for two Pie albums, get this one and Rock On. Live at the Whiskey gets third, primarily on the strength of their amazing “For Your Love” cover. On the Fillmore East, Marriott sometimes sounds like he swallowed the harmonica, and Frampton does things to his guitar that are illegal in most states! Definitely one of the top-10 live rock albums of all time, this is a great introduction to a band that could’ve, and should’ve, been much bigger than the way things worked out. 23 min. of Gilded Splinters alone is worth the price! If you like Zepp, if you like Floyd, Tull or the Allmans, give this a spin — you won’t be sorry!

    Posted on February 1, 2010