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Permanent Vacation

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  • The timing couldn’t have been better for the band, or the rock music landscape in general. By the time of it’s release in August of 1987, The dregs had come out of the woodwork to be the next “big hair” band and get rich quick with a powerful sappy “love ballad”. Enter the grandfathers of big hair rock to take the reins and keep some things in perspective with the release of Permanent Vacation, which sent a message: “WE were here before you, and we will be long after you are gone”.

    “Angel” was a powerful and moving song that allowed the band to create their own version of a “power ballad” without being tossed into the frey of the other cookie cutter hair bands that by now were dotting the landscape. “Magic Touch” “Hearts done time” are also genuine rock songs that help prove that Aerosmith was here to stay for another era. They top it off with the fun, rocking track “Dude (Looks like a lady)” that has seen a ton of radio play since it’s release. Not every song is a smash hit on this record, but the one’s that are stand out BIG TIME and also prove the diversity in songwriting and composition structure that the band has. Overall a great rock record.

    Posted on January 11, 2010