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  • “Perseverance” is fast, hard, metal, hardcore, and basic. Thrash metal, death metal; whatever you may call it, the first CD for a major label by this group is just as unrepentant as any self-produced metal group ever thought to be.Hatebreed is beyond the pale for me. I always thought I liked metal (I do), I know I like progressive rock, and I always thought I liked music that challenged the perception of what music can be. However, this music pushes my definition of the envelope so far that the envelope may have popped. After a discussion with the person that loaned me this CD, I realize that this group is likely much better in concert with a nearby mosh pit in which you can express the adrenaline generated by this music. The music is loud, very loud, in fact. The lyrics are yelled, not sung. The riffs are continuous, and the bass is heavy. The sound never lets up from beginning to end.If you like metal, but your idea of metal is groups like King Crimson, Led Zeppelin and early Black Sabbath, this music may be too far out for you. Certainly it is not for us old guys that thought we were keeping up with the times. I think the times have passed me by. Three stars because the music is good, but the lyrics are not challenging, and the singing style has no variation. I wonder where this group will evolve to?

    Posted on December 9, 2009