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  • Hatebreed’s major label debut “Perseverance” brings in a much more polished sound than the band’s past releases. J. Jasta’s voice is louder than ever, the guitars are cinder block heavy, and the album is not recommeded for those looking for something in the way of “easy-listening.” The fact of the matter is that “Perseverance” is one of the most aggressive albums to come from U.S. shores in quite sometime. The band itself derives many influences ranging from hardcore, heavy metal, and thrash genres. The lyrical content of each song deal with a variety of issues ranging from aggression, hatred, loss, and even goes as far as songs of encouragement and inspiration. The shining moments include songs like “I Will Be Heard”, “Below the Bottom”(my top pick), “Hollow Ground”, “Final Prayer”w/ a guest guitar solo from Slayer’s very own Kerry King, and so on. This CD is great for fans of the hardcore genre, Slayer, Pantera, and so on. Depending on how you look at it, “Perseverance” will either make you wanna rock, or it’ll just beat you senseless. Judging by the sound Hatebreed has to offer on this album, I see a bright future ahead for these guys, don’t be left in the dark. I also recommend the band’s 1997 debut “Satisfaction is the Death of Desire.”

    Posted on December 9, 2009