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Persistence of Time

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  • What a masterpiece. These guys..It just blows me away how good they are…I mean this and among the living were basically late 80’s albums, yet the music is not “dated” like so many albums of that time now are (Slaughter, Tesla, etc. etc.)

    What Anthrax does is mix some driving thrash with coherent lyrics. What Anthrax does is cover themes from Stephen King to World Government (instead of the usual midevil themes of witchs, knights, dragons etc.) This is music that to me is pure genius, and I actually enjoy it more now than ever before!

    Songs like “TIME” and “Keep it in the family” have driving beats. The fast bass-heavy guitar song “Got the time” is fun and “In my world” and “Belly of the Beast” have the darker feel to them that will definitley shake you up. If you have not listened to Anthrax I suggest checking out this album along with “Among the Living”…millions of fans and 20 years of their music being sold can’t be wrong!

    NOTE: From my headline…this was lead singer Joey Belladonna’s last album with the band. Check out all of thier stuff with Joey before forming an opinion on the later stuff with other lead singer/s.

    1. Time
    2. Blood
    3. Keep It in the Family
    4. In My World
    5. Gridlock
    6. Intro to Reality
    7. Belly of the Beast
    8. Got the Time
    9. H8 Red
    10. One Man Stands
    11. Discharge

    Posted on March 10, 2010