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Persistence of Time

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  • Of all the albums that Anthrax released with Joey Belladonna, this is most definately the best. It has the thrash of all the preceeding albums, it has serious and topical lyrics (unlike State of Euphoria, Spreading the Disease, etc), it has the longest songs of all the Thrax albums, it has the best production of all the Thrax albums and is the best musically. Joey does much less screaming on this album and sounds [mad] all the time. It is one of Anthrax’s darkest albums. 1-Time: Time starts the album off great, a ticking clock builds into rapid fire drums and killer guitars. It’s dark, melodic, and fast! The lyrics are great and the singing is some of Belladonna’s best. The solo is scathing and the outro is amazing – Charlie Benante’s drumming = incredible.2-Blood: Filled with thought provocing lyrics this one is anchored in a heavy throbbing rhythm and powerful chorus. Charlie’s drumming is unique and guitars are great.3-Keep It In the Family: This is one of their best song. It starts off with a grinding heavy rhythm that builds into a fast metal song. The chorus is catchy and the lyrics are great. The song is not the fastest on the album, rather, it plods along with a slow, seething, feroicity. 4-In My World: This one was released as a single and it is worthy of it. The drums are first rate and the guitars progress in a building up to a surprisingly melodic chorus. The solo is amazing – the best on the album! The lyrics are angry and straightforward, but don’t come off as pitiful or whiney. Scott and the boys are capable of writing truly great lyrics at times. 5-Gridlock: The albums only pitfall, this one is good, but it’s not really up to the caliber of the album. The lyrics are a tad uninspired and the guitars, while good, are nothing ground breaking.6-Intro Into Reality: This is one of the best instrumentals I’ve heard. It is a haunting, melodic, introduction to Belly of the Beast. It starts off slow and builds slowly in complexity and speed. Halfway through the drums come in and it picks up. It foreshadows parts from the following song. The greatest hits compilations leave this one off, I don’t know why. Personally I don’t think you can get the full effect of Belly of the Beast without hearing this first.7-Belly of the Beast: The albums dark masterpiece. I think it has to do with the Holocaust and Nazi Germany, but some parts of it remind me of the Soviet Union. Either way it is a great track. The lyrics are some of the best they’ve ever written: “Who is evil, who is blind? In the name of who do you fight?” The bass work is exceptionally really showing off Frank Bello’s talent. The solo is top notch. Pure Anthrax magic.8-Got the Time: A break from the dark sound of the album, Got the Time is a cover of Joe Jackson. The subject matter actually fits well with the rest of the album. Frank again demostrates his skill in a great bass solo. The guitars are innovative and entertaining.9-H8 Read: This song is a very thrashy one. The lyrics again are thought provocing. It deals with racial hatred as well as general animosity. The solo is good and the drums are great.10-One Man Stands: Another masterpiece. This one deals with the Teanimen Square Massacre. The lyrics are amazing and moving. The way the vocals are arranged is intersting and the chorus makes you want to sing along. The guitars are bellicose thunder and the drums are a steady roll. Very political, very intense, Thrax at their best. 11-Discharge: The angriest song on the album, this one is straight up thrash. The guitars are just as dark as Slayer and so are the drums. The solo is great and the vocals are frantic until the chorus where they burst into an amazing dark melody. A very good way to end the album.

    Posted on March 10, 2010