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Phil Lynott's Grand Slam/Live Sweden 1983

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  • I’m a big Thin Lizzy fan, i have the Phil Lynott’s solo album and against that record this pair of concerts are really awsome, the version of Yellow Pearl are to much better that the studio albums, the clasic Black Rose’song SARAH is amazing and a little bit faster that the original, Lynott make interaction with the people all the time.

    Like a curiou note, in the intro of The boys are back in town th band play the clasic Police song “Every Breath You” Mr Lynott sang like he could. The sound is very good, maybe the apreciation af the person that make the observation of the guitar sound in firsts songs is right, but in general is a great set, a beauty presentation and inserts. Somethin special for Enjoy it. LONG LIVE PHIL LYNOTT

    Posted on November 30, 2009