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  • This is one of my favorite albums of all time…seriously. I listen to classic rock, hard rock, alternative, progressive, and some country. If you like anything around the genres of melodic hard rock or progressive rock, you’ll probably love it too. It has a bit of a dark flavor to it (similar to Staind or Three Days Grace), but it moves along very smoothly without excessive gravel (there’s a little here and there for effect…nicely done).

    Now the DVD. First, it’s very well done audiowise and visually. The camera work is nice with good editing. The audio is good. The musicianship is excellent. But, the singing is somewhat of a dissapointment. Sadly, much of it is a little flat. I would also complain just a bit about the lighting on the singer’s (Ben’s) face. In addition to hiding his eyes, it almost makes him seem unenthusiastic. But, for the encore songs, they made it better (as if they realized they messed up for the first 40 minutes). I’m a little suprised the group, specifically the main guy (I’ve heard he is very particular) was OK with releasing this with the flaws I mentioned. I still enjoyed the performance, but it could have been oh so good.

    Posted on December 2, 2009