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Physical Graffiti

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  • Wow. As Zeppelin’s most ambitious statement, and their first and only double album, Physical Graffiti would hypothetically be a contender for greatest rock album of all time it it weren’t for Zoso (Not that I’m complaining or anything! :-) ) Custard Pie is blues on speed, while being squashed under the skillful wah-wah pedal of Jimmy Page.The Rover simply rocks. It combines headbanging with flair in a musical statement that is hard to overestimate.In My Time of Dying contains some of the best spitfire-blues slide guitar you’ll ever hear.Houses of The Holy is a great, catchy pop-rock song that just makes you wanna get up and get your schwerve on.Trampled Under Foot is pure, 100%, unfiltered headbanging enjoyment.Jimmy Page & Robert Plant both agree that “Kashmir” was their greatest work. I say they’re just being humble about “Stairway to Heaven”, but Kashmir is a close second. (Man, Puffy really pissed me off when he did “Come With Me”! Ruined a great song! (Yeah I know Jimmy helped him, but I think Jimmy was just trying to expose a new generation of listeners to Zeppelin, which is honorable))In The Light has two distinct moods: A peaceful, glorious side, and a dark, foreboding, heavy metal side. These two moods throw you back and forth until you’re dizzy, which is a good thing.Bron-Y-Aur is an acoustic track kinda hidden amidst greatness, but it’s actually Jimmy Page’s best perfomance on this album! As a guitarist, trust me. This is NOT an easy song to play! Very pretty, too.Down By The Seaside is a really peaceful little song, with really cretive use of a tremolo effect on Page’s guitar. Gets you in the mood for the next two songs.Ten Years Gone is the middle track of PG’s “mellow part”, and really lets the listener appreciate Zeppelin’s flair and subtleties.Night Flight is a great ballad that, while overall pretty subdued, starts to rock up the album a little again, as to get you ready for….The Wanton Song! Headbanging conviently wrapped in a sleek, 4:06 package for your enjoyment!You’ll find Boogie With Stu kinda silly the first couple times you hear it, but the more you listen to it, the more you’re gonna wanna get up and, well, boogie!Black Country Woman is some great acoustic blues that really convey the blues to the listener.And finally, Sick Again is a great romping, rockin’ closer that, along with the overall effect of the album, will leave you breathless.So BUY THIS ALBUM, for god sakes!

    Posted on December 12, 2009