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Piece of Mind

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  • Piece Of Mind was the album that fans believed turned Iron Maiden from breakthrough artists into legends of the rock business. I still can’t believe how quickly this album was sold-out here in Kuwait. Man, glad I found one. The songs on this album are just too amazing that once again, I think it’s time I gave you my report on this all-time classic:Where Eagles Dare: 5/5 – The song that introduced Nicko McBrain’s rage on the drums at the beginning. Few lyrics and too much music can turn this song bad right? WRONG! The instrumental part is the best section of this song, in my opinion of course.Revelations: 5/5 – Bruce Dickinson’s first solo-written song proves that he’s capable of writing as well as singing. This classic song is one of the best on the album and also has awesome lyrics.Flight Of Icarus: 5/5 – Any one heard of the story of Icarus from Greek Mythology? This probably includes the whole story if you haven’t read it. Awesome chorus, great music and a perfect song to play at live shows.Die With Your Boots On: 5/5 – At first I didn’t like this song but then I heard it on the radio and smacked myself real hard!(honestly) I told myself why did I skip this track? It’s an amazing song and the music is way, way better than the vocals…or maybe not.The Trooper: 5+/5 – This here is the best song on the album, and the first of the two greatest songs before the World Slavery Tour. Dave Murray and Adrian Smith’s guitars both work perfectly together than ever before! Both guitarists shine on this song. One more thing, the intro’s really cool an well as the singing.Still Life: 5/5 – Still Life is actually this album’s title-track…minus the title. Great song, with a nice slow part ant the beginning. I really laugh at the part “will give me piece of mind”, I just want to know who’s awesome voice was that?Quest For Fire: 5/5 – Saved by the music!!! I can’t understand why most fans don’t like this song? It’s not bad. Well, yes the lyrics where crappy a little but the music earned this song full-marks. Haters of this song, give it another shot, it’s worth. “In a time when dinosaurs walked the earth…”Sun And Steel: 5/5 – Another extremely underrated song. Why? I don’t think I want to know. It’s a pretty good song and was saved this time by the vocal rythems and music, even though I couldn’t understand most of the lyrics.To Tame A Land: 5/5 – Another try at Hallowed By The Name only using the movie ‘Dune’ for reference. Nice song, haven’t seen the movie..yet but it seems to be good. The lyrics shine here the most, or maybe tied with The Trooper(i’m not sure). Also the solos are good, like from fast speed to average speed.Rare tracks from this era:Cross-Eyed Mary: 5/5 – I just can’t understand why so many good tracks weren’t included in this album! Great lyrics, talks about a school girl, also this song has a great bass near the end. Download if you haven’t heard it.I’ve Got The Fire: 5/5 – Oh my! A song that really deserves to be on the album. It has a great sound to it and speaking of sound, the solo here kicks ass! I love the way Bruce yells “I’ve Got The Fire”.Lineup:Bruce Dickinson – VocalsDave Murray – GuitarAdrian Smith – GuitarSteve Harris – Bass Guitar (I’m gonna call it Bass Guitar from now on)Nicko McBrain – DrumsOverall: Well, judging from the marks I’ve given each song I’d have to say that this is perhaps Iron Maiden’s proudest moment (I don’t know what I’m saying) but not my favourite album before the World Slavery Tour. Still, I recommend this album for what it’s worth, check it out if you ain’t got it yet.

    Posted on February 18, 2010