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Piece of Time

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  • First of all, I would like to thank Comrade Ren “Altarboy of Madness” for recommending Atheist to me. These guys are truly one of the most unique, talented, and most influentual death metal bands on the planet. They’re also known as one of the pioneers of technical death metal and also one of the first few metal bands along with Pestilence and Cynic to incorporate jazz and progressive elements into their sound. They are truly one of a kind in the metal world.

    I bought “Piece of Time” along with Atheist’s other two albums “Unquestionable Prescence” and “Elements” at FYE a couple months ago down in Eau Claire, and I just want to say that I loved everything that I heard on this album. I also learned that when Atheist recorded “Piece of Time”, they wanted to combine the perfection and technical executions of Rush, the ferocious aggression of Slayer, and the diverse musical arrangements of Mercyful Fate, and boy did they ever suceed at doing all of that. The musicianship on here is just incredible. Guitarists Kelly Shaefer (who also does lead vocals) and Rand Burkey rip and tear right through the listener’s ears with outstanding technical riffs and killer shredding solos throughout. The bass work courtesy of Roger Patterson is very insane sounding and very audible. Sadly this would be the only Atheist album that he would record with the band. Steve Flynn’s double bass drumming is outstanding and fast as well.

    Every song on here is just excellent. The opening title track “Piece of Time” (which features straight ahead shredding riffs, frenetic drumwork, and awesome thumping bass lines) and “Room with a View” are instant headbanging classics. The second track “Unholy War” features more killer bass lines along with bullying drumwork, blowtorching riffs and wild solos with angry vocals from Kelly to boot. My personal favorite “On They Slay” includes a nice driving death-thrash vibe and plenty of powerful drumming, fast catchy riffs and careening solos. “I Deny” has some cool bass lines at the beginning as well as the end of the song. Track seven “Why Bother?” another classic political track which features somewhat of an anti-voting message in the lyrics. The closing track “No Truth” which is an outstanding album closer is written about something revelant to the band’s name as it reflects how they felt about the state of religion in America. We also have some bonus tracks which contain songs from their “Beyond”, “Hell Hath No Mercy”, and R.A.V.A.G.E. (Raging Atheists Vowing A Gory End) “On They Slay” demos as well.
    Jeremy’s song ratings:
    “Piece of Time” Album
    1. Piece of Time – 5/5
    2. Unholy War – 5/5
    3. Room with a View – 5/5
    4. On They Slay – 5/5 My personal favorite song
    5. Beyond – 5/5
    6. I Deny – 5/5
    7. Why Bother? – 5/5
    8. Life – 5/5
    9. No Truth – 5/5
    “Beyond” Demo
    10. No Truth – 5/5
    11. On They Slay – 5/5
    12. Choose Your Death – 5/5
    13. Brain Damage – 5/5
    14. Beyond – 5/5
    “Hell Hath No Mercy” Demo
    15. Hell Hath No Mercy – 5/5
    R.A.V.A.G.E. “On They Slay” Demo
    16. On They Slay – 5/5
    17. Brain Damage – 5/5
    18. Undefiled Wisdom – 5/5

    Overall this is highly recommended for fans of Cynic, Death (late-period stuff), Pestilence, Spiral Architect, Necrophagist, and even Suffocation for that matter. If you call yourself a fan of prog/technical-death metal and you’ve not yet experienced the music of Atheist, then you are truly missing out on some excellent music. Enjoy and happy headbanging!!

    Posted on January 10, 2010