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Pierced From Within

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  • This is the undisputed greatest album of all time. Suffocation took death metal to a whole new level, and this was their finest moment. Nine tracks of death metal perfection. Frank Mullen is THE death vocalist, plain and simple. Doug Cerrito and Terence Hobbs were the best guitar duo since Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King, and Doug Bohn’s drumming is unmatched. He writes very complex beats and makes amazing, yet non-excessive use of the double bass. As a drummer, I really look up to this guy, and can only hope to achieve his skill level. “Thrones of Blood” is THE greatest song ever written, a testament to brutality. Doug’s constant, thunderous double bass will leave you breathless. Those who want death metal, metal, MUSIC at its peak need look no further than this album. Suffocation shall indeed be greatly missed.

    Posted on November 11, 2009