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Pierced From Within

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  • Believe it or not, this is good death metal. I can never seem to reconcile ‘good’ with ‘death metal’. Sure metal heads can, they’re metal heads, they’re fans, they take what they’re given.This album is excellent. The production is amazing! Very unique sound, very free, very heavy, very limitless sounding (compared with say Nile’s ‘In their Darkened Shrines’ which sounds very held-together and claustrophobic). The structures are ridiculously fluid for metal, and varied too (consider the through-composed ‘Thrones of Blood’, and the ritornello motif in ‘Torn Into Enthrallment’). The drumming isn’t always the fastest break-neck blasting WHICH IS GOOD! It breathes! It grooves! And when it does hit those sporadic high speeds, it rips! The solos are beautiful – they really outline the expansive vision of the album. [Look at say Hate Eternal's 'King of All Kings' - where are the good solos? Where are the expansive solos? They would fir rihgt in place on an old Out Cold or otherwise Boston Hardcore album in one of the 40 second songs.] The album has flow throughout, it ebbs and flows as a whole through each of the masterful songs.Why only four stars? I know it too well know, and after all, it still has the limits of ‘heavy metal’ on it (ie. not genre-defying and individualistic, though its very individual within metal). Five stars means perfect. How can anything on earth be perfect??

    Posted on November 11, 2009