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Planetary Duality

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  • I first heard this album when it came out in november 2008. Their first album, akeldama, didn’t really do anything for me but upon listening to planetary duality i was very open-minded.

    This album’s got a long-list of positives. First of all, it’s a concept album. Everything from the lyrics to the overall atmosphere of the almost flows together. The main concept being, in my opinion, comparing today’s socital ills to the global decimation of alien beings. Every line in every song is well thought out. Second, the guitar work is incredible. Everything from slow crushing riffs (beginning of sons of belial, end of planetary duality II: prophecie’s fruition) to really progg-y/groovy riffs (xenochrist, the ancient covenant). Also, there are solos in every song, and none let up in their amazing-ness. The drumming is stupendous and is so is the bass. In summation, the instrumentation is this album is flawless. The production is crystal clear, and the vocals are sicker than i’ve ever heard.

    The only real complaint i have about this album is that the drums are too loud and over shadow the guitar from time to time.

    I’d recommend this to all death metal fans really, in my opinion the best release of 08 and 09 up to May 09.

    Favorite Tracks:

    Planetary Duality II: Prophecies Fruition
    Planetary Duality I: Hideous Revelation
    Legions Of The Serpant
    Ancient Covenant
    Prison Born
    Shape Shifters

    Coldly Calculated Design
    Sons Of Belial

    Posted on February 18, 2010