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Plastic Green Head

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  • I am a big fan of heavy metel cover songs. Type O Negative might have had the prize for there version of “summer Breeze” but the cover crown belongs, no doubt, to Trouble for there psychotic version of “The Pourpoise Song” Only a very few of you will recognise this gem as bieng the theme to another forgotten classic, the now infamous movie “Head” starring the Monkees. Carole King wrote this and I have attempted to find out how to procure writes to use a piece of this song in a short animation. Strangely enough this song, and Tomorow Never Knows (The Beatles) are not listed as bieng on the album, at least as far as the copywrite people are concerned, hmmmmmm, pretty wierd. This one song makes the whole album worth whatever one pays for it, it must be heard to be beleved, I am glad someone else sees the Monkees movie as something worth remebering, watch “Vanilla Sky” to hear this song yet again, Tomorow Never Knows is good too, but no one can touch the Pourpoise song cover for shear retro genoius.

    Posted on November 24, 2009