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Please Experience Wolfmother: Live

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  • I give this band one star for actually getting the….whatever it was.. recorded. Other than that, I think if this band has a future, it is far away. The bandmembers have very crude (at best) capabilities with their prospective instruments, and seem to think a lot of jumping around replaces musical talent. I will admit that some of the songs have latent potential, but only in the hands of real talent. I knew I was taking a chance buying this DVD, but I am usually very lucky in finding talented groups I have not heard of. Many of my buying decisions are based on reviews by previous buyers who leave positive feedback. This was one of my more nasty surprises. Wolfmother is a terribly lacking garage band at best. What were you guys who gave this item five stars smoking?? If it made these guys sound good, I want some!

    Posted on November 28, 2009