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Pleasure to Kill

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  • Avatar Image Ira4 years, 5 months said ago:

    why u d followers of Jesus Christ are non- vegetarians? How can u kill an animal for ur own food.
    “All beings are fond of themselves, they like pleasure, they hate pain, they shun destruction, they like life and want to live long. To all, life is dear; hence do not kill any creature nor have it killed”
    My answer to caligirl:
    Humans can use them but Should not eat them. Humans have duty towards them, just like humans has towards their kids, who cant care of themselves.
    My question to funbucket1:
    U also have ability to kill n eat ur kids, they why dont u do so?

  • Avatar Image Dwi4 years, 5 months said ago:

    no,he eat meat