I myself, happen to love dogs. I have a cat. consider this: If Vick had been convicted of supporting a cockfighting ring, no one would care.

You can go to restaurant, pick out a lobster sitting in a tank and they will take it in the kitchen and boil it alive for your dining pleasure. No one says squat. If Michael Vick owned a slaughter house, no one would say anything, and those animals die in all sorts of horrible ways. We all eat hamburgers and steak and bacon, so no one cares.

What if Vick liked to ride bulls at the rodeo in his spare time? They don’t just ask the bull to buck like that. They torture it.

How about how animals at the circus are trained?

Is it ok what Vick did? I don’t think so. I also don’t think it’s ok to go out into the woods with a rifle to shoot animals just because you enjoy shooting animals with a rifle. My question is this: Where do we get off as a nation getting on some moral high horse because we draw the line at dogs?