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Pleasure to Kill

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  • This is without a doubt one of the best thrash/speed metal albums I’ve ever heard. This was definitely an eighties thrash metal masterpiece! you cannot consider your metal collection complete without owning Pleasure To Kill. With not-so-good production, growling vocals, frantic drumming and intense riffing, Kreator had all the trade-marks of the new breed of extreme metal bands of the late eighties. But in spite of technical shortcomings and average musicianship Pleasure to kill today ranks as one of my favorite thrash-albums, I mean sure the production wasn’t particularly that good but I think it enhances the overall music and it sounds raw and brutal as hell. The song structures are traditional but with frequent riff changes which alternates between staccato and more groovy melody. it also has memorable riffs, horrendously violent lyrics and all this coming from a young band full of enthusiasm and talent. Every track is astounding but my favorite has to be Riot of Violence, Ripping Corpse, the highly underrated Under The Guillotine (Under Tha Guill-o-tiiiiiiine!!!!) and Pleasure To Kill. Buy this now if you are a fan of Slayer, old-style Sepultura or Morbid Angel, and get headbanging to some vintage ferocious German thrash!!!.

    Posted on November 19, 2009