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Pleasures of the Flesh

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  • 3 1/2 stars would probably be more accurate. While not quite on par with their “Bonded By Blood” or “Fabulous Disaster,” “Pleasures of the Flesh” is still a good record.

    I did miss Paul Balioff’s vocals, but Souza has his own good style. It would improve over time, and especially on the eventual “Tempo of the Damned.”

    Getting back to the subject at hand, ‘Deranged’ is creepy words with no music; ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ is a high point that expresses “Exodus’s” refusal to sell out. (And in my opinion, they never did.) ‘Parasite’ is another high point. ‘Brain Dead’ is listenable. ‘Faster Than You’ll Ever Live To Be’ is alright. ‘Pleasures of the Flesh’ starts off with some jungle sounds and has some great guitar work. ‘30 Seconds’ is a nice instrumental with a good classical sound. ‘Seeds of Hate’ has some notably strong guitar work. There is a frightening realism to ‘Chemi Kill’ that explores the hypocrisy of politicians. ‘Choose Your Weapon’ ends the record on a high note.

    I can’t quite put this on the same level as their “Bonded By Blood,” “Fabulous Disaster,” or “Tempo of the Damned.” However, it is still a great record that any “Exodus” fan should have.

    Posted on January 23, 2010