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  • Those familiar with Savatage may proceed to the next paragraph. All others may find useful to know that Savatage although under the wider umbrella of heavy metal, their music is much wider. To be more precise Savatage may be characterised as a Symphonic metal band, which means that they are influenced by classical music. Their music is variant, their themes ever changing and their moods haunting. Their music was a revelation to me. I finally found heavy music that can send you to the stars with poetic, passionate and sometimes philosophical lyrics. Perhaps the strongest and most prevalent characteristic of their music are the brilliantly mastered rhythm changes, ‘waves’ that bind the subtlety of a flower with the power of the sun…Ok folks we are simply talking of amazing work here.The story is based on a TRUE event and on the impact that event had for the person who witnessed it. The CD begins with the whole story narrated (8 pages) and then the songs follow. Note that the songs are dispersed with poetry that is in addition to the music. Thus once you turn to the first song page, you start to read the poetic introduction of teh story (before the first song). “Gather around children as the light starts to dieand a story I’ll weave you for a story have I…where the living are dead and the dead quite aliveas they sleep in the shadows of us that survive”soon an incredible musical journey begins to a far away world that is so close to each of us.”Stay with me a while” is the name of the first song, that calls us to stay and listen to the story no matter how afraid we might be to face our responsibilities when we witness certain facts….”Somewhere in this universe of lost forgotten dreamsthe silence weaves a tapestry of once enchanted themesthe shadows listen carefully and question what it means…—Stay with me,For the little night that’s left to beFor a moment in a memoryThat time cannot defile…Stay with meWhere the night still offers amnestyAnd the ending is still yet to be tomorrow’s unborn child…Stay with me awhile”Note that the above extracts are not selected for being exceptionally poetic or anything…They just happen to be at the beginning of a conceptual album that is absolutely amazing till the very end… The lyrics are masterfully weaved with the music that gives them life. The music is unparalleled in passion and melodies, always following the rhythm and psychology of the story.I undoubtedly recommend it to anybody who is even slightly fond of Classic rock music or heavy metal or even heavy classical pieces! As for people who happened to like a few other Savatage songs…. go for it! It will be an experience…PS: We take what we give…The more time you give to this piece of art the more you will discover it…

    Posted on November 28, 2009