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  • As I finally bought this album, I must say that there are some great riffs in each song by Jens and the new guitarist. Amazing stuff, really. As a keyboardist, it is really neat to hear what other keyboardists keepin coming up with, album after album.
    The more I listen to this album, there is certainly much more commercialism with this release than anything in the past. While this may speak to the mainstream and sell more albums, it also takes away from the true nature of this band (IMHO). The albums of old (really, anything that Timo Tolkki was involved with), seemed so much deeper and were put together so well. He certainly defined the sound of the band. There are times that it still sounds like he is playing though, and that is good. Most of the time, this album sounds like an amped up version of something Timo Kotipelto (lead singer) would do solo. ‘Higher We Go’ is a great example of this. Just listen to his last release (Serenity) and you will see what I mean.
    There are many parts of this album that actually sound like Sonata Arctica to me, and they cited Stratovarius as influences. This to me sounds much like Sonata Arctica’s earlier releases. Listen to songs like ‘False News Travels Fast’, ‘Land of the Free’ from Sonata Arctica and you will agree. Lots of commercialism here, but the lyrics seem so ‘un-Strato’ to me. While this is not a bad thing, it does take away for those of us who remember Strato in their Destiny, Infinite, Visions and even Dreamspace days……
    This is good stuff though and this release proves that these guys can still play the stuffing out of their instruments. Great musicianship all the way through, sometimes mind-boggling…..
    Their opening song has many tempo and rhythm changes in it, not unlike ‘False News Travels Fast’ from Sonata Artica. The choir vocal stylings are remeniscent of Queen too…lots of influences here.
    Overall, I give this a 3 for rating, but please check out the album. It is very good and I am sure that I will enjoy it.

    Posted on December 3, 2009