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  • Buckethead is a phenomenal guitarist! That said, let’s take a look at this release. First, I concur with the previous postings. I love “Earth heals herself”, as well as, “too many humans” and “a day will come.” I actually love this entire cd! Buckethead does what many “players” cannot do. He paints a picture with his music! He’s well beyond mere “shredding”, he’s transcended into the “Hendrixian” realm of “sending you somewhere with his SOUNDS!” The art of “painting with the guitar” seems to be lost amongst all the “microwavable” players out there. you might occasionally luck up on a Dave Fiuczynski, David Torn, or reminisce with the Allman brothers and “blue sky” or feel Clapton rip “white room” and of course there’s the finger painting of “earl klugh”, but to hear a player just take the instrument and break it out of the proverbial “box” is exciting! THAT’s BUCKETHEAD and “population override.” This guy is GOOD! NO! HE’s GOOD and a PLEASURE to listen to. This cd is well put together and most important, listenable! Enjoy, I know I did!

    Posted on December 15, 2009