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  • Buckethead has surely made up a name for himself over the past decade. It is hard to tell, however, if he draws more attention for the Bucket he wears on his head and mask on his face, or for the fretboard he so gracefully lights up. Sadly, I believe it is the first.

    Buckethead does an excellent job of fusing blues, rock, and hints of jazz into this album. His phrasing is beautiful, and proves himself much more worthy than mindless shredders of the past decade (i.e. John Petrucci). This man makes the guitar cry.

    There is not one song I do not thoroughly enjoy on this album, but if I had to choose a few standout tracks, they would be “Too Many Humans” and “Earth Heals Herself”. I hope that in following years, that this album becomes influential to both guitarists and musicians around the world. Its a shame this artist is more often laughed at for his bucket, than praised for his virtuostic ability on the guitar. Five Stars. Easy.

    Posted on December 15, 2009