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Pork Soda

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  • There are alot of people hating on this album. You should note that these people probably aren’t musicians and have never tried to play the bassline to DMV. Y’see, just attempting that, or listening to the solo near the end of Diamondback Sturgeon just makes me feel like I’m listening to some incredible music. This was my first Primus album, and remains my favorite after purchasing Antipop (disappointment) and Seas of Cheese (close second to Pork Soda). The first time I listened to the album, I had just picked up the bass (I got a 5 string) and was just dropped at how amazing and complex the bass was. And then I got into the lyrics…Alot of people lack the ability to really understand what Les is singing about. They think, “Oh, he’s singing about a guy who lives alone, this is dumb.” To really get the meaning of the songs, you have to THINK.And then of course after Les Claypool, Ler and Herb are incredible musicians. Ler isn’t the best, but he’s a damn good guitarist, and Herb manages to snake around Les’s basslines like no other drummer could. The double bass drum on Mud is primitive and wonderful sounding. Standouts on the CD are The Ol’ Diamondback Sturgeon, Hamburger Train, Wounded Knee, My Name is Mud, and DMV.Definitely check out this cd.

    Posted on January 17, 2010