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Portrait of an American Family

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  • If you think KoRn has something to say, you never really listened to Marilyn Manson’s debut. Instead of bashing him for not making another Beautiful People kind of riff, go to your nearest cd store and buy this thing. Manson doesn’t hate women, or cops, or children, he simply describes the world as it really is and was when he was a kid. This CD has a really bashing sound to it and the lyrics are like targeting a bullet to light-minded persons. Portrait is just what the title suggests and it’s one of the best hard rock albums made in the 90s. While KoRn and other i-just-hate-everything-’cause-it’s-fashionable losers are enjoying their ADIDAS and NIKE outfits, Manson attacks for the sake of intelligence.

    Posted on December 28, 2009