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Portrait of an American Family

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  • Mariyln Manson is NOT for children under 13. But frankly who gives a good Goddamn!!! Manson is probably the World’s best “Shock Rocker”! Here’s how the Songs arePrelude (The Family Trip) – Decent Instermental 2.5/5Cake And Sodomy – Probably Manson’s most explicit song, but Fu*king Awsome!!! 6/5Lunchbox – A power anthem for kids being picked on at school, I like the saying “Next Motherfu*ker Gonna’ Get My Metal!” 5/5Organ Grinder – Funny/Sick lyrics, and very good Keyboard/synthysizer/Organ. Good job M.W. Gacy! 4.75/5Cyclops – Just another ol’ track, but catchy. Nice Guitar, Daisy Berkowitz’s highlight! 4.5/5Dope Hat – The most addictive on the album! If you see the video, you can see how it is a sick parody of Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. M.W. Gacy pulls through again! 6/5Get Your Gunn – My 4th Favorite! Twiggy Ramirez’s bass is impeccable! 5/5Wrapped In Plastic – Not very catchy, but good lyrics 4.75/5Dogma – Creepy, but Impossible not to sing along! 5/5Sweet Tooth – Nice Saxaphone And Lyrics, this has more of a “Sadistic” aproach. 4.75/5Snake Eyes And Sissies – KABOOM!!! Another Hit!!! Manson & Pals really can harmonize in a sick way. 5/5My Monkey – Funny, but Mediocre Lyrics. I think this was origanally based on a Charles Manson song, give or take a few lyrics. 3/5Misery Machine – Good way to end the album, for some reason theres a 6-7 minute silence period at the end making this song only about 5 minutes compared to 13 mins. 4/5Overall this album Kicks…!!YOU SPOONFED US SATURDAY MORNING MOUTHFULS OF MAGGOTS AND LIES DISGUISED IN YOUR SUGARY BREAKFAST CEREALS. THE PLATES YOU MADE US CLEAN WERE FILLED WITH YOUR FEARS. THESE THINGS HAVE HARDENED IN OUR SOFT PINK BELLIES. WE ARE WHAT YOU HAVE MADE US. WE HAVE GROWN UP WATCHING YOUR TELEVISION. WE ARE A SYMPTOM OF YOUR CHRISTIAN AMERICA, THE BIGGEST SATAN OF ALL. THIS IS YOUR WORLD WHICH WE GROW. AND WE WILL GROW TO HATE YOU. ~Marilyn Manson~

    Posted on December 28, 2009