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  • There are always two kinds of music fans. The type that listen to the hype a band generates and the kind that listen with a critical ear. I’ve always been the first. And when i read reviews for the debut for japandroids i was amped.

    The album is a cloudy yet sophisticated set of songs. I’ve always has respect for bands that aren’t afraid to put less than 12 songs on a album. To me it’s to just take out the filler and work on the better songs. This seems to be the practice of japandroids. Even though some of the lyrics are repetetive they are always taken second next to the music, and they are pop-fest of originaliity. I like how they are only a duo, but don’t get caught up in incestrual nature of some duo. I even here some through backs to late 80s punk-hardcore, then drop in some shoegaze in the same song.

    I wonder if i could convince anybody to buy this cd. probably not with all my poor verbage. I don’t even know the track listing right now, all i know is the song i’m on “Heart Sweats” freakin rocks. It has a classic rock bravado feel close to that of mick jagger, without the usual context of a mickjagger wannabe.

    The next song crazy/forever, is sludgy, pulsing, arguably the best on the album. It reminds me of an Open Hand song that I love. The are vocals placed in the background for afterthought of the melody. A plea that what is now can always be.

    i like this album, and i think my wife will like it to, it will be played alot on my trip to utah.

    Posted on December 24, 2009