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  • This album flies by in the blink of a twitching lazy eye. However, at the end you’ll feel very satisfied.

    Remember the bus driver in elementary school with that twitching lazy eye that wanders around? You didn’t want to stare at it for fear he cuss you out. He always smoked probably drank. No? Well that was my bus driver. He actually played Appetite for Destruction on his tape deck while we went to school. Actually picture that bus driver skit from when MTV used to be good, that’s him.

    This album reminds me of that guy for some reason. This album rocks my face.

    I wonder where that bus driver is right now? Not the MTV guy, he was on some sitcom recently. He was also the lead actor in the great film, The Tao of Steve.

    Buy this album.

    Posted on December 24, 2009