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Power Metal

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  • What you think of this album(if you can find it) will depend on if your a hardcore fan or not. As for myself, I love Pantera!! They changed the path of metal with skull crushing albums like VULGAR DISPLAY OF POWER, FAR BEYOND DRIVEN, and REINVENTING THE STEEL. But 1988’s POWER METAL sounds alot like a mix between early Metallica and Judas Priest(Not that thats a bad thing). Alot of people forget that Pantera were a run of the mill hair metal band in the early 80’s with albums like I AM THE NIGHT and METAL MAGIC. POWER METAL is different though, it is the first to feature Phil Anselmo on vocals and the whole band go for a more heavier approach. Dimebag Darrell plays phenomenal guitar work here(As usual) and even sings on the last song P.S.T 88 and sounds alot like early James Hettfield singing. Songs like OVER AND OUT, WE’LL MEET AGAIN, DOWN BELOW, DEATH TRAP, HARD RIDE, and BURNN show that with Phil Anselmo on board there was alot of gelling going on. So I would just have to say to listen to POWER METAL with an open mind if your not a hardcore fan, because it really isn’t anything like their later work. It is really interesting and exciting to see where one of the best bands of metal started from, and then to see how far they went. I highly reccomend! ROCK IN PEACE DIME

    Posted on February 7, 2010