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Power Metal

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  • Pantera

    Power Metal (1988)

    Review: After a fateful meeting with James Hetfield, Diamond Darrel wanted Pantera to get heavy. “I Am The Night” in ‘85 was still glam, but wanted to get metal. Getting better. Now after hiring new vocalist Phil Anselmo, Pantera wants to achive an excellent level of metal.

    They did it. Despite the corny looking cover picture, this is actually really decent. The previous Pantera albums were heavily glammed up, but here Pantera ditched almost all of that and replaced it with fast and high paced drumming, excellent bass, intricate thrash riffs, and metal vocal shrieks. This isn’t Power Metal, no, this is a re-awakening. Phil’s vocals here are intense and the shrieks are just right. Phil really had what it takes back then and it shows! Diamond’s leads are just killer. Every lead here is definetly worth it alone. Listen to the thrash riffing in the tune, one of my Pantera favorites, “Over and Out”. Pantera delivers all out excellent thrash. It’s all out menacing. There are a few glam moments here, but are so few and far in between. With tunes like “Over and Out” and “Death Trap”, Pantera got their wish to be metal. Even in the final tune “P.S.T. ‘88″, Darrel sings here and had a pretty decent voice.

    Overall, Pantera’s soul searching came to a near end here. It wasn’t till two years later when Pantera reached their pinnacle and finally found themselves. I Highly recommend Power Metal. The only shame is that Pantera ingnored this just because of the silly picture. This is an excellent album!

    Posted on February 8, 2010