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Power Metal

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  • This album was the first to have Phil Anselmo on Vocals and also helped them to get recognition in the metal underground at the time which probably explains why Dave Mustaine asked Dimebag to join his band Megadeth a year after the album’s release which he declined. A majority of Pantera fans claim that Pantera’s true career began with “Cowboys From Hell” when they got “hard”. Ok this album may not hold a candle to their 90’s albums and may still have traces of the hair metal bug in their systems. But the main improvement on this album is Phil’s vocals that sound more agressive and polished than their previous singer Terry Glaze who sang on their previous albums. This album sounds more like a combination of Judas Priest, WASP and a touch of Megadeth than hair metal. There are some of my favourite Pantera songs on this album like rock the World, Over and Out, We’ll Meet Again and Death Trap. However if you are only a Pantera beginner I suggest you go along with their 90’s albums first.But If you are a huge Pantera fan and also love 80’s metal then go out and buy this album (if you can find it)

    Posted on February 8, 2010